Whatever pleases me, for whatever reason.

The into-the-early-hours Buffy re-watching continues. As I head towards the end of season 2, I am forced to deal with the return of repressed memories from long ago.

1) How burning scalding searing hot was Kendra? I am powerless before her haughty beauty.

2) I am still desperately in love with Willow. I always will be. I must learn to accommodate this in my life, and move on.

3) No pic for this one - just me grimacing at how tough this show can be to watch. The next episode in line is “Ted”, and I am going to hate it. SMG is so damn good at being hurt, it breaks my flinty heart. And then the almost unbearable aftermath of her first night with Angel; and then poor Miss Calendar, and then Kendra…damn. Bring on Doppelgangland, I deserve a treat.